Marketing to RVers: The Fastest, Cheapest, Easiest Way to Get Your Tourism Economy Rolling Again

There’s no question that the current pandemic has changed the way people travel. More than any other time in North American history, RV travel is hitting new peaks with no signs of slowing down. And this isn't just a temporary trend. Consumers are purchasing these rigs at a record pace with millions of new RVers discovering the joys of self-contained travel. This could be the biggest tourism opportunity for rural areas ever.

In this fascinating and fast-paced presentation, you'll see why RVing has grown to a $60 billion industry (in just the U.S.), you'll see who's actually buying or renting these rigs (it's not just retirees) and how this can benefit your local economy. You'll learn where RVers go, what they look for in terms of activities and places to stay, how much they spend, and where they spend it. You'll also learn the top five easy, low-cost methods for marketing to RVers, getting them to spend more money in your community!

Time Menu:

What the heck makes up an RV? – 2:27
How big an industry is this? – 12:59
Who they are – 17:36
Where they stay - 21:15
What they do: the top activities – 26:09
Where they go: travel inspiration – 35:10
Where they spend the most money – 41:00
Nine ways to increase that spending – 47:25