Fixing Downtown: Where the Heck Do We Start?

A lot of downtowns spend millions of dollars sprucing up their façades and streets in the mistaken belief this will create traffic. In this informative presentation we’ll show you how to create a vibrant downtown on a shoestring budget. We’ll look at three small downtowns that turned the tide – going from a veritable ghost town to a can’t miss destination – and how you can use these lessons to start a revolution in your own downtown.

When it comes to finding the place to start, you can use any one of these methodologies, or multiples of them. You do NOT have to do all of them. If creating pop-up shops doesn’t work for you, that’s not a problem. Other towns have turned the corner - like Water Valley, Mississippi, without any pop-up stores. So, any one of these ideas will work, but if you can do two or there of them, it will provide a quicker turnaround. Enjoy!