Fast-Track Community Action Plan

Successful communities don't just happen—they have a plan. Introducing RBI's newest program, the Fast-Track Action Plan, where Roger Brooks comes to your community, and working with you, develops a comprehensive plan in one week at an affordable cost. We believe in the power of Action Plans as opposed to Strategic Plans, and with practical solutions and recommendations, you will have the vision and actionable steps to make your community successful.

Developing a Community Action Plan

RBI's newest program provides your community with Roger Brooks' on-site assistance, working with you and your stakeholders over several days, combining round-table discussions, local input, presentations, research, and interviews, to create an action plan that will provide you with solutions and actionable steps to help your community become more economically vibrant, increasing the quality of life for your residents.


Your plan can be focused on tourism, economic development, downtown, place-branding, or your overall community. You decide the focus, and then the week's agenda is developed with you.

RBI has been helping cities, towns, and counties develop action plans for years. The challenge is most communities don't have large budgets and months of time to spend on consultants contracted to develop their plan for them.

Practical Solutions

After many years working with communities around the world, Roger Brooks knows what works and what doesn't. He has seen the benefits and pitfalls of many different strategies. He's also learned that the most successfully implemented plans are those developed WITH the community instead of FOR the community.

The Fast-Track Action Plan includes practical, feasible action steps to be implemented over a three-year period. Locals will be able to see change within weeks. Roger has worked with more than 2,000 communities, and working with your team, he can help develop a plan over several days, sharing the vision, and getting people excited about implementing it.

Fast-Track Process

Roger spends several days in the community, meeting with your local "team,"  stakeholders, and providing an entertaining and educational public presentation to introduce the community to the planning process and the benefits of the effort.

He tours the area, discusses goals and challenges, and reviews previously produced studies, plans, and demographics. Roger meets with the team to discuss and develop specific recommendations that will help the community achieve their goals. The final deliverable is a photographic Action Plan that includes a three-year to-do list of actionable recommendations.

The Fast-Track Action Plan will provide you with a practical plan that can be implemented affordable and is developed WITH you, helping your community reach its goals and become an outstanding destination. 


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