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Roger's webinars are an affordable way to educate your community on proven rules and ingredients that lead to tourism, marketing, and downtown success.

The Resurgence of Downtowns: The Step-By-Step Process

August 16, 2017 - 8:30am Pacific
Live event is FREE. Recording is $29

The first presentation in our “Resurgence of Downtowns” series, demonstrated WHY downtowns are back and more important than ever. We also touched on the nine things that need to be done to make a downtown great again.

In this presentation, we’ll show you HOW to actually implement all nine of them. Using photographic examples, we’ll showcase what downtowns are doing, at low cost, to make them vibrant, successful destinations for both local residents AND visitors.

You’ll see how to:

- Get your elected officials supporting a downtown focus
- Bring people downtown consistently, so merchants will come back
- Deal with empty buildings, turning lemons into lemonade
- Find your focus: What your downtown should be about
- Engage your property owners and what to do if they won’t lift a finger
- Choose the block – or building – where you start the effort
- Recruit the business mix you need to win
- Find and promote your “anchor tenant” and what that actually is
- Fund beautification and who should be charged with making it happen

This one-hour presentation will provide you with the tools and strategies you can use to get your downtown moving in the right direction. Get everyone you know to attend this VERY important presentation. It’s time to make it all happen!

The Resurgence of Downtowns: Getting People Downtown 250 Days a Year

September 6, 2017 - 8:30am Pacific

If your downtown is struggling, what comes first - people or shops? The answer is people. Where people are, consistently, retailers will follow. Head to any major airport and you can see this in action. BUT the REAL answer is that you need people downtown 250 days (or more a year). Many downtowns produce two, three, ten events a year downtown, but if each of those was two days long, that’s still only 20 days of activity downtown, far short of what would incentivize a retailer to move downtown, and far short of “consistently." Even 250 days of activity still leaves another 50+ days the retailer needs to worry about bringing people in the door (and that’s if they are closed one day a week). So how do you reach that magic number? How long will it take? What will it cost? What about poor weather months? It sounds impossible!

In this Downtown Resurgence deep-dive session, we’ll provide ways to get it started, how to create momentum, costs and funding ideas, timing (a three year plan), weather and other seasonal considerations - everything you need to know to bring your downtown back to life, making it the central hub and an amazing destination for both your residents and visitors. You’ll see photographic examples of what other downtowns have done, common mistakes, near-misses, and big wins.

The Resurgence of Downtowns: What They Did and How They Did It

October 4, 2017 - 8:30am Pacific

In this presentation, the final installment of The Resurgence of Downtowns, we will visit four downtowns three that are small and rural and one in a bedroom community.

You’ll see and learn:

• What it looked like before and what they were dealing with.
• Who took the lead, and why they even attempted “the impossible."
• What went right (the small wins along the way)
• What went wrong (the red herrings and mistakes - “We won’t do that again!”)
• How long it took to get to the turning point
• How much it cost and where the money came from
• And the results - which are still a work in progress. After all no downtown is ever 100% done!

This is a great way to actually see, from real-life case histories what it takes to turn a dying downtown (if not already dead) into an amazing destination you’ll want to visit - if not move to!

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