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The Resurgence of Downtowns - Priority #1

Over the years we’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort helping make downtowns great – again. In this photographic-rich workshop, you’ll learn:

- The seven reasons why downtowns are back and are absolutely critical to your long-term success as a sustainable community
- What it takes to bring millennials (and even GenXers) back home (downtown plays a key role)
- The future of downtowns (it’s a whole new game)
- Why downtowns are a worthy investment (not an expense)
- What it takes to bring downtowns back, or make them the community a showcase

This is a terrific primer to help encourage city and other government leaders to understand that downtowns are worth investing in. Its also a great way to foster public-private partnerships (it takes both) to create an outstanding downtown that will benefit local residents, businesses, and your visitors.